Data Exchange Platform (DXP) helps to make sure we're not creating multiple FIFA IDs for the same person by mistake. In this article, you will find out how DXP makes life easier for everyone.

DXP: A Tool for Better Data and Secure Sharing

Step 1: Creating a ticket

On the "Create New Ticket" screen, you will have two options to create a new ticket for two different scenarios:

The first one as above is for cases where your player already has a FIFA ID in your system but you suspect there might be another FIFA ID existing for that player. Choose this option if you are unsure which FIFA ID you should be using while registering a player.

The second main scenario while using DXP is when you are uncertain if a specific FIFA ID belongs to a specific player. Once the second option is chosen as above, you will be asked to input details of your player in order for us to conduct an investigation.

Step 2: Overview of tickets

You can check if there are any tickets assigned to you on the second screen from the left-side menu titled "Tickets". Once there you will see any ticket that requires your action and/or was created by you and is now solved.

Step 3: Responding, Closing or Escalating a ticket

When a ticket is assigned to your Member Association, to resolve it, you need to compare the data available in the DXP itself and the document attached to a ticket with the one available in your system.

Note that DXP marks in Red any differences in details between two FIFA IDs as shown above

In a rare case where you cannot come to a conclusion regarding a specific case, you can escalate a ticket to FIFA, and we'll run an investigation on our end to help you solve it. Escalate to FIFA button is available behind the three dots, as below:

Please note that the Blue box prominently displayed above frequently contains an action item pertinent to your Member Association. If you do not find the necessary action specified there, we recommend reviewing the comments section, where detailed information about the requirements for resolving the case is often provided.

The goal of every DXP ticket is to come to a decision on whether a FIFA ID belongs to a player or not, once a decision is made, the ticket closes and any documents that were attached to it will be deleted after several days to ensure data protection.

Notifications: Daily reminder about open tickets

We would like to inform you that the system is now configured to send a daily notification to your Member Association. This notification will alert you in two instances: when a new ticket is assigned to your association, and when an existing ticket is updated and requires your attention.

These notifications are designed to ensure that you are promptly informed about relevant tickets, allowing for timely review and action on your part.

We highly value the perspectives and insights of our user community. As we continually strive to enhance the functionality and user experience of our application, your feedback is instrumental. If you have any comments, suggestions, or have encountered any issues while using our application, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us. 

Your input will be integral in guiding our future development efforts and in ensuring that our application meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. You can provide your feedback by completing the feedback form or simply sending us an email at We thank you in advance for your valuable contributions and your commitment to helping us improve.

Here is a link to the release notes for the DXP application.

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