As part of your daily routine, you should check the DXP overview page, which displays all open tickets related to your Member Association. DXP tickets are created to address potential cases where a player associated with your Member Association has more than one FIFA ID. It is crucial for each player to have a unique FIFA ID for several reasons, primarily because it is necessary for the Clearing House and to ensure that your clubs are eligible to receive training rewards.


Step 1: Overview of Tickets

Whenever there is a ticket that requires your Member Association's attention, it will appear in the overview, as shown above. This section provides initial details of each case, aiding in navigating the application. To delve deeper into a ticket's specifics, simply click on the relevant row.

The overview of DXP tickets assigned to your Member Association is accessible here.

Step 2: Case Details

Upon accessing a ticket, you'll find comprehensive details, including information on each FIFA ID involved in the case. This encompasses player details available through the FIFA Connect ID, proof of identification attached below the details section, and comments on the right-hand side that may be pertinent to resolving the case.

Step 3: Comparing Player Details

By reviewing the details on the ticket's page, you can often determine whether the two FIFA IDs belong to the same individual. However, some cases may require further investigation. Begin by comparing the proof of identification attached to the ticket with documents available in your NRS for that player. To do this, click "Preview" under the attachments section.

Note that DXP marks in Red any differences in details between two FIFA IDs.

Step 4: Making a Decision

After evaluating the available information, the next step is to decide whether both FIFA IDs pertain to the same player. Your decision is to be marked in the "Decision" section of a ticket. You will also need to confirm your choice.

If the information at hand is insufficient to make a definitive decision, you have two options:

  1. Collaborate with the Other Member Association: Share data, allowing them to compare details and documents to make an informed decision. This involves uploading a relevant document (often copy of player's passport or ID, ideally a document with that player's photo).

    Then enabling the TMS manager of the other Football Federation to view the data by selecting a checkbox ("Show data to...") above the "Potential duplicate" section, as shown below.

    Lastly, reassign the ticket to the other federation, providing a comment with any useful information and/or the reason you were unable to resolve the case independently.

  2. Engage in Dialogue: Request additional details in the ticket's comments section and initiate a conversation with the TMS manager responsible for the other FIFA ID.

    After you've added a comment to a ticket that necessitates action from another Member Association, consider reassigning the ticket to them. This step can help the other TMS manager notice your comment more readily and provide a response more efficiently.

Once a decision has been reached, the ticket can be considered resolved.