This article is intended to help a Member Association (MA) decide, for 2 duplicated records which need merging, which record should be primary and which secondary. In the scenario discussed, both records have a FIFA ID and an MA owns at least one of them.

For information on another use case, when you have a record without a FIFA ID and see 2 or more potential duplicates coming up, refer to the article What to do if two or more records come up as potential duplicates?


The functionality discussed in this article is available since March 2023. Upgrade your SDK to use it.


Let's assume you have two records:

  • record A, stored in your NRS, registered by your MA
  • record B, stored anywhere (can be your NRS but also other MA's NRS)

You determined that those two records are duplicated and you want to merge them.

SDK offers a Merge(primaryFifaId, secondaryFifaId) method. A primary record will continue to be used, while the secondary record will not. If the records are merged, any user trying to run any operation (even get) on the secondary record will receive a 309 error along with the pointer to the right, primary record. The decision, therefore, is important.

As a general rule, the older record, i.e. the one that was registered earlier, should be marked as primary. 

How to determine which record was registered earlier? In any duplicate related context, the SDK returns the date of the first registration for each FIFA ID. There are two distinct though similar cases here:

  • methods taking name & DoB as parameters - registerPerson(...), getDuplicates(...) - return the date of the first registration for each of the potential duplicates
  • methods taking FIFA ID as a parameter - updatePerson(...), getDuplicatesByFifaId(...) - return both: the date of the first registration for each of the potential duplicates and the date of registration of a reference FIFA ID (the one given as a parameter).

Depeding on your needs you can use any of the methods to determine the dates of the first registration to decide which record is older and should be made primary.

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