Any MA (including yours) tries to register a person (or search for it) using facade, in particular:

  • facade.RegisterPersonAndWaitForDetailsInCaseOfDuplicates
  • facade.GetDuplicatesAndWaitForDetailsInCaseOfDuplicates 
  • facade.GetDuplicates

A potential duplicate is found by Connect Id in your MA, so the request for details is sent to your FMS. Your listener returns an empty string, which means that no details have been found in your FMS.

Such a FIFA_ID, that is registered centrally but FMS does not have a corresponding record locally, is called an orphaned record or shorter: an orphan.

Note, that the symptoms are similar yet different from a situation when your requests for person details times-out. That situation is well described in this article. In our case MA responds promptly but with an empty string (meaning: no player found).

Potential reasons

Record has been intentionally deleted in your FMS

Occasionally, if a record has been registered by mistake, you will want to delete it. SDK does not allow you to do it, so we ask you to open a ticket in our Support Portal and request the record deletion from Connect Id. Please note that this should only happen exceptionally if there has been a mistake.

In Beta environments, such a situation may occur more frequently. Sometimes MAs would clear all their FIFA_IDs from a local test environment. Should this happen, Connect Id Team should be informed and we will also remove all FIFA_IDs generated centrally by a given MA.


Open a ticket in Support Portal to let us know about such a situation. We will proceed and remove orphaned record(s).

There was a network issue during registration and FIFA_ID has been generated on the server but did not reach the client 


There was a performance issue on the server and the request completed only after 60 sec. which caused time-out on the client

In both cases the end result is the same:

  • the request successfully executes on the server resulting in a new FIFA_ID generation
    • the new FIFA_ID never reaches the client

The solution to this problem is well described in Idempotency of the SDK documentation. In essence, we will ask you to provide your unique person local identifier (personLocalId) when registering a person. In such a case, even if a registration request is lost and then retried on the client, Connect Id will automatically return an existing record based on the identical person local identifier.