IN BETA-ENVIRONMENT as a condition to move to pre-production environment

1) Developing all functionality (including UI) of the system integration. For verification purposes, you should pass all relevant tests in devtools beta environment:

IN PRE-PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT as a condition to move to production environment

2) Assigning FIFA IDs to copy of production data (real data or scrambled): At least all players and clubs in scope.

3) Exporting by MA and sending to Connect Id Team a list of all FIFA IDs of Persons that have been assigned by that MA and exist in their database. Connect Id Team performs a cross check to make sure that sets of IDs are identical on each side.

The points 2) and 3) above are described in more detail in the following article:

4) A video conference with screen-sharing walking through defined manual end-to-end test cases (see attached excel file, depending on the MA integration setup, some test cases may not apply)

More details on how to build the user interface can be found in the following article:


5) Feedback session/ project closing call