Support Portal gives you a way subscribe to certain e-mail notifications. This is done via Forums and Topics following. We created a couple of forums that you can follow, e.g.:

  • Announcements
  • BETA environment announcements
  • PRE-PRODUCTION environment announcements
  • Java SDK users
  • etc.
If you follow a forum you will receive an e-mail notification every time there is a new topic in this particular forum. You won't receive notification about update of each topic (for this you need to follow a particular topic), so fortunately there's not too much spam being sent.

An example below shows how to start following the main forum Announcements, where information about every new release is published.

  1. go to:
  2. click on the forum name "Announcements"
  3. click the "Follow" button


If you cannot see the button, it means that you need to log in or sign up first. Signing up is a simple 2-steps process and it gives you the possibility to subscribe to forums and follow the tickets you opened.

- click the "Sign up" link


- and press "Register" to create a user


When logged in, you will see the "Follow" link.