"Notifications" feature is now in Production - feedback from users needed

"Notifications" is a new feature of the Connect ID Service. It allows to configure the system to send e-mail notifications to chosen operators whenever a certain activity is taking place. Informing relevant people helps avoid mistakes in registrations and allows for fraud detection. The following activities are currently subject to a notification:

  • force registration of a person (in your MA)
  • force update of a person (in your MA)
  • change in name of a person (in your MA)
  • change in date of birth (in your MA)
  • change in date of birth so that age becomes < 10 or >=80 (in your MA)
  • registration of a person with an age < 10 (in your MA)
  • registration of a person with an age >= 80 (in your MA)
  • international transfer of a minor (< 18) (from or to your MA)
  • merge of two persons (in your MA)
  • merge of two organisations (in your MA)
  • force adding/updating/removing registration for a certain sport (in your MA or concerning person in your MA)

Between 2017-01-31 (Tue) and 2017-02-09 (Thu) we will be gathering users' feedback concerning "Notifications" feature. We really want to hear from you! Any kind of feedback is good but these are the things we are especially interested in:

  • "certain notifications are not useful at all for me"
  • "I would like to have a notification for a different activity"
  • "e-mail notification should say/should not say..."

Let us know what you think - this is a chance for you to influence how the final functionality will look like.

Member Association end-users of the ID-Service will be automatically subscribed to “notifications”.

If you want to be added or removed to notifications list, please open a ticket in Support Portal.

If you want to give us feedback on notifications, please create a topic in forum Feature Requests.

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