If you are upgrading from an SDK version based on .NET 4.5 (<= 6.1.1747), which did not contain the NuGet package, but plain DLL & XML files instead, please remember to delete the files that had to be committed to the source control. Otherwise you might run into dependency conflicts that might be hard to debug.

Starting from version 6.2.3 (Sep 2022) .NET SDK is distributed as a NuGet package. In order to install it in your project, you must place it in a NuGet feed.

If you have a dedicated, internal feed (e.g. in Azure DevOps or TeamCity) the easiest way is to upload the package into the feed. Please refer to your provider's documentation on how to do it.

If you do not have a dedicated feed, then there is an alternative - you can create an offline feed within the code repository with your Connect ID integration solution. Please check out the sample project (attached) which can be used to test setting the feed up.

Example of setting up an offline feed

  1. Download the attached project. In this example the project is an equivalent of your NRS.
  2. Provide valid credentials (ClientID and SecretKey) that you normally use to authenticate your SDK
  3. Observe that the feed is defined in the nuget.config file and NuGet packages are stored within LocalFifaSdkFeedDirectory folder. For your own NRS remember to make sure that the folder is committed to your code repository.
  4. Build and run the app (.NET 6 or .NET Framework 4.8 options are available, feel free to change them).

If there is a new SDK released, you just need to download the new NuGet packages and place them in the directory. You do not need to keep the old packages. If you use an IDE, please make sure that the LocalFifaSdkFeed is selected as "Package source", so that you can see the packages. Here's an example using Visual Studio: