Persons data is presented in two places in Admin Console

The logic of what is visible is following:

  • If a person has at least one registration (active, inactive or pending) then:
    • In the table view, a person is visible for any MA in which a person is registered (as active, inactive or pending)
    • In report view, a person is counted in stats for MA where he/she is registered

  • If a person does not have any registration (including inactive)
    • In the table view, a person is visible for every MA
    • In report view, a person is no counted in stats of any MA or confederation
      Note: as a side effect number of rows in table view may be different than numbers of registered person in the report view


I am able to find person A since we registered that person, but we cannot find person B anywhere in the Admin Console.


If there is no active, inactive, or pending registration connected to your organization for person B, you cannot find/ view that person's details or history.



Using Admin Console I can only find persons that are linked to our own organisation?


Yes, but you can also find persons that do not have any type of registration.

I cannot find person even though my organisation registered that person in the past, why is that?


This is most likely caused by your organisation not having any active registration for that person anymore. In such case, you can still find in the audit trail view ( your past operations, changes your organisation made and the latest entry that was linked to your organisation - this entry will be most likely an update of the active registration to another organisation.



So for persons our organisation has registered we will always find them using the Admin Console's audit trail but whether or not we can see the details in the persons view and the report view is bound to the fact if the active registration belongs to our organisation or if that person was transferred to a different MA?


Yes. Details will be not visible via Persons view ( nor report view if non of the active registrations do not belong to your organisation.