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"e-mail notification should say/should not say..."


My suggestion about the emails we receive is to be more detailed.


When the name of a player is changed, the email will be more useful if it mentioned what was the previous name and/ or who changed it, in order to be able to track the changes.

Thank you in advance

Andrie Anastasiou

Cyprus Football Association 

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Hi Andrie,

Many thanks for your feedback. We can definitely make the e-mail more detailed although we can't do everything due to the personal data protection. Let me elaborate:

- we could include the name of the organisation who made the change (in you do the change, it would be Cyprus Football Association)

- we could include the exact time of the operation (time of sending the e-mail is not necessarily the same)

- we can't include the name of the person unfortunately. The reason is trivial: we don't know it. ConnectID is not allowed to store players' names due to personal data protection.

- we could include the "user name" of the person who did the change. For example "Andrie Anastasiou". This would need to involve Comet guys as well, but it is doable. Would you find it useful? If so, we will talk to Analyticom and see what they think.

- we could include the link to our Admin Console system, where we can track more details of the person. Not name, unfortunately but some history. It would look something like this:


Let me know what you think about these ideas, please.



Hi Piotr,

All the above will be helpful in order to be able to avoid any wrong changes and also if you include as you mentioned the name of the organisation and the "user name" of the person who made the change.

The link also will be helpful. 

Thank you 


Thanks, Andrie - understood. We'll let you know when the improvements are coming.

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